Camping in the Snowies

Camping in the Snowies

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sandra's Garage sale

Onward and eastward we travel from Crawford, NE through Sandhills terrain on Highway 20. Farming, ranching and agriculture related businesses dominate this area. Sub-irrigated meadows produce beautiful cattle here. Valentine is the biggest town in the area and is in the largest county of the 93 counties in Nebraska. The Bunkhouse cafe is our lunch stop.
Our destination is Atkinson where both Dave and I graduated high school. Sister Sandy is having a garage sale and we are going to help. 
We set up camp at Mill Race Park on the west edge of the town. The park sports a nice fishing pond complete with a Canada Goose pair and two goslings. Birdwatching is good here. A local man built bluebird nest boxes and stationed the boxes along an easily walkable trail. A few benches provide rest and quiet birdwatching.
Also nearby is a golf course easily accessible from the camping area. Dave played one day, his first round of the year, new clubs, plenty of excuses. He pronounced the course more challenging than he remembered. 
The next few days were filled with garage sale busyness. Brother Robb and Dave carted a storage shed full of possessions to a three car garage. Tables and more tables with boxes and boxes of things to sort and display. We filled up the garages and spilled over onto the apron with household goods and furniture.

After two long days of selling, boxing up and rearranging, remarking and more selling, the sale was over, a success! What was left could fit into a sixth of the original space and will be part of another sale in June. A relief for all of us. 
Memorial Day flower baskets were made from bedding flowers purchased at the Atkinson Garden Greenhouse. Sandy will care for the baskets until Memorial Day when she and Robb will put them on the graves of our loved ones. Mother Helen died just a year ago. She is often in our minds and we all recounted memories of her and laughed when we found ourselves doing things Mom's way.
Family, it's a good thing.

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