Camping in the Snowies

Camping in the Snowies

Monday, March 23, 2015

Glendale AZ Folk Fest

This free festival has been put on by the city of Glendale for 26 years. The festival seems to be popular with local folks and some out of town people like us. There was very little advertisement in newspapers that I noticed so word of mouth must be the way many found out about this two day event. It is held at the Sahuaro Ranch which used to be a working ranch and fruit producing farm at one time. Now it is used as a living history museum run by the city. There are fruit orchards which are in full flower and excruciatingly fragrant.  Old grape vines had fresh leaves and fruit starting. Rose bushes in beds were in full bloom and the lawns around the historic house and guest house were green and lush. 

There were three stages with sound systems and five other areas designated for performances and workshops. 
Lots of folks carried instruments and impromptu jams cropped up all around the grounds.

            Food and drink vendors were doing a brisk business as the day warmed. 

A blacksmith was demonstrating his craft and old farming implements were displayed. Tours of the house and guest house were given. Some craft, tee shirt printing and information booths were on the grounds as was a wool spinning demonstration. Peacocks strolled the grounds and cats napped wherever they could.

This man was singing songs and playing guitar and was accompanied by Kathy Barton and Dave Para, who do folk presentations and are well known performers.
                                             Kathy Barton and Dave Para

                       Kathy Barton demonstrating hammered dulcimer

Dave was jamming with some fellows he knew and felt a tap on his shoulder. It was a friend and fraternity brother and former music teacher from Nebraska, Bill Roehrs. He was just as surprised as Dave was to meet up here. 
                                               Bill and Dave

Dave was playing with the bluegrass gospel band, Nehemiah, at the mechanic shed.
 Dave is subbing in this band until the regular bass player heals from wrist surgery. The regular banjo player is on bass in this photo.  Dave, Rick Rhodes, James Tarrance and Terry Hutson.

The other group Dave plays with found some time to practice before their afternoon performance.
               Charlie Ray Robinson, Rick Rhodes, Dave and Dennis Talbert.

                                                             Driving Grass

A good crowd was on hand and were enthusiastic for both performances of both bands. That is always welcomed when the band is donating their time. 
After a hot and tiring day of nonstop entertainment, Dave was glad he rigged up Grandpa B's old golf cart to carry his instruments (and two folding chairs).

Back home to Sun Village, a cool shower and something cold to drink. We are looking forward to having lunch with Bill and JoAnn Roehrs and catching up with them. 

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