Camping in the Snowies

Camping in the Snowies

Friday, August 8, 2014

On the way to the State Fair.....

We drove to Casper to see Al and Mary Kalbfleisch. The morning was sunny with a hint of fall in the air in Laramie. Shirley Basin was wide open but two spots of road work slowed us down a bit. 
The sun was beating down as we parked the Luci in front of The Kalbfleisch's home.
We were welcomed with open arms and hugs and happy hand clasps. It had been a long while since Dave and Al had shared tunes.
Al had Dave's latest tune "Under the Cottonwoods" worked out on his fancy open backed, custom made banjo. They played several tunes while Mary and I had a nice visit. 
They could have played all afternoon but Mary was getting tired so we said goodbye and headed to Douglas.
Here is Al and Dave playing "Shove the Pigs Foot a Little Farther into the Fire". 

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  1. I like the youtube videos! Good luck at the contest.