Camping in the Snowies

Camping in the Snowies

Monday, August 11, 2014

Wyoming State Fiddle Contest

The Wyoming State Fiddle Contest is held on the first weekend of the State Fair in Douglas Wyoming. The fairgrounds are located along the banks of the North Platte river which was running pretty full and fast for the time of year. 
We camped for free our first night at Douglas city park riverside. No hookups but free showers and a pretty view.

The next morning Dave and I walked a paved path along the river listening to the many birds in the lush shrubbery on the riverbank. Chokecherry and possibly buffalo berry plus another red berry that I had no name for were ripe so we scattered lots of birds as we passed. The path ended after about a mile and a half where benches overlooked the the river and a nice breeze cooled us off on this warm morning. 
While we were sitting there a pair of lazuli buntings flew by as did goldfinches, a bald eagle, western kingbirds and several vultures. What a great morning!

Douglas has the Jackalope as it's mascot, mythical or not. The bridge over the Platte was adorned with them.

We moved camp over to the fair campground and for only $25 a night we had full hookups and free but spotty wi-fi. By the time we left, the campground was teeming with huge fifth wheel trailers, some motor coaches, many bumper pull trailers and gigantic horse trailers with full living spaces for the well-heeled horse owner, their family plus the family dog or two. 
I watched some horse events and sheepdog trials and tramped around the fair while Dave was competing at the fiddle contest. We both had a good time.

The State Fair people were great to provide a good venue, lunch for the fiddlers both days plus trophies and cash prizes. After holding this contest in Shoshoni WY for years and years on Memorial Day weekend, the fiddle association seems to feel they have found a home again. 
Jamming happened on Saturday evening. 

Here Dave and Warrie are playing a tune as Celeste Johnson looks on. 

Laverne Billingsley playing fiddle, Dick Lefevre and Steve Martin listening.

Kelly Wells, the 2014 WY State Fiddle Champion, smiles as Dave and Warrie Means take off on another tune. Dave and Kelly took first place in twin fiddle and Dave and Warrie placed third in the no holds barred competition. Dave has a third place trophy in the state division. Warrie was named "favorite accompanist" for the contest.

We had a lovely drive home on I25 south of Douglas to Wheatland and through Sybille Canyon home to Laramie. The Wyoming landscape of high prairie and Laramie range looks as good as we have seen it in years, still green this late in summer. A hint of fall to come in the ripening cornfields near Wheatland and the prairie hay and alfalfa being baled all along the way.
Luci is again parked in her spot in front of our house and she eagerly awaits her new toilet seat cover lovingly made by Aunt Sandy.

All I can say is Wow!

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  1. Pretty awesome -- both the trophies and the cover!