Camping in the Snowies

Camping in the Snowies

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kenaston Jamboree a 46 year tradition in Springview NE

The Jamboree is a benefit for the Keya Paha County Historical Society started 46 years ago by Bob Kenaston. He invited musician friends to come and play an afternoon jam session and an evening performance. 
A wonderful pot luck meal is provided for the musicians and lunch is served afterwards. Homemade buns with roast beef, ranch beans, salads and desserts of all kinds filled our tummies. 
The tradition is to start out the evening with a few tunes from the fiddlers. The youngest looked to be eight and the oldest was a seasoned veteran.

The Kenaston kids keep the tradition going by providing a back up band for all performers and dance-y tunes for the folks who want to dance. Sharon and Vanessa harmonize to the old old country tunes while playing bass and rhythm guitar. Roger plays lead guitar and dobro and BobbyJo plays drums.

The school gym is the venue, fitted with a stage for the performers and chairs for the audience. People come and go, visiting, listening and dancing. 

Some folks, like us, come from a distance. A nice if small campground with restrooms and showers, electrical hookups and Free Wi-Fi !! makes it easy to relax and jam with friends.

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