Camping in the Snowies

Camping in the Snowies

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Big Horn Mountain Festival: "Under the Cottonwoods"

The Big Horn Mountain Festival at the Johnson County fairgrounds is an event Dave and I look forward to every year. Good friends, great music, camping and as I mentioned in the previous blog, good eats. Dave always reminds us that "If you eat good, you play good".
The fairground camping offers electricity and shade under magnificent large cottonwood trees plus eau de horse barn whiffs at times. The fairgrounds crew did a good job mowing so our campsite was tidy.
Our Montana/Tennessee friends, Jamie, Janet, Molly and Suzanne McGehee staked out our campsite with a "Means and Buckley Camp" banner and decked their 1972 Continental Silver Streak with flamingo and palm tree lights. Jill Flikkema's vintage camper was welcoming with a table, tablecloth, flowers and wooden chairs. Lon and Joann Mitchell from Rozet WY had their Jo-Bawbs Barbecue trailer and smoker set up for cooking ribs, chicken and brisket. Yum!
Dr. Doug Ezell came in next with his VW Van. Hot on his heels were Fred Buckley with his mom, Betty (alias Granny) and Elsie Means, all from Montana.
The Means bunch, Warrie, Sheri and Jacob plus Will MacLean from Laramie and Vern Billingsley from Douglas arrived in another vintage vehicle pulling a vintage horse trailer!
Last to arrive and hailed warmly by all was Reid Buckley completing our circle with his new Nash travel trailer.

Katelyn and Tony Swanson and Katie and Cole Flikkema had tents arranged on the outskirts of the camp circle and Reid's friend Tonya joined us as well.
Lots of picking and grinning and even some festival stage watching happened during the three days we were camped. 

Dave and Suzanne practice his new tune "Under the Cottonwoods" so named by Cole. 

Janet and Lon share a laugh. 

Foghorn String Band was one of our favorites this year.

Betse Ellis, formerly of the band the Wilders was also a favorite.

Eventually, the Jam Tent has to come down, hugs all around and we'll see you next year. Sigh. So long Buffalo WY. 

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