Camping in the Snowies

Camping in the Snowies

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Going to Atkinson NE to see my Sis (and do laundry)

Still on Hwy 20 through lush cattle country in the Sandhills you cross small streams like the Minnechadusza and larger ones like the Niobrara. Here is a bridge across the Niobrara near Valentine.

Luci is stationed at the Mill Race park near Atkinson. This dam provided the water for the mill race long ago. Parts of the race are still in existence but the mill is gone.

Sandy lives here and takes care of the flower beds and raises vegetables in the big tubs. Looks great!

Sandy, Dave and I visit brother Robb, nephew Dustin and his girlfriend Jenna at Dustin's house near O'Neill NE. 

They will be moving in soon and are removing wallpaper and painting.

On the way back to Atkinson we pass tall corn and haystacks. Haystacks? Most hay is baled in big round or square bales nowadays. 

Even the ditches are in flower from good rains this year. Clover, yarrow, vetch, asters, puccoon, little pink something's and lead plant. Love beautiful Nebraska. 

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